What Division Is Bentley University

What Division Is Bentley University

Bentley University's sports teams, called the Bentley Falcons, compete in Division II of the NCAA, with the exception of the men's hockey team, which competes in Division I. They are part of the Northeast-10 Conference.

Bentley University's sports teams are referred to as the Bentley Falcons and compete in Division II of the NCAA, except for men's hockey, which competes in Division I. They compete in the Northeast-10 Conference.

Bentley University has an enrollment of 5,158 students, with a male-female ratio of 58:42. Specifically, 2,975 male and 2,183 female students are currently attending the university.

Is Bentley University a diverse school?

Bentley University considers itself to be a diverse community, but the ratio of male to female students is currently 60:40, and some members of the university community would like to see a greater representation of diverse students in future classes.

What is The racial-ethnic minorities count at Bentley?

The racial-ethnic minorities count at Bentley University is calculated by subtracting the number of white students, international students, and students with unknown ethnicity from the overall student population. At Bentley, 69.13% of students fall into this category, which is higher than the national average of 60%.

How many teachers are there at Bentley?

Bentley University has approximately 568 female teachers and 527 male teachers.

Bentley University's sports teams are called the Bentley Falcons and compete in NCAA Division II (excluding men's hockey, which is Division I).

What division is Bentley University in?

Bentley University's athletic teams compete in Division II of the NCAA, except for men's hockey which competes in Division I, and is known collectively as the Bentley Falcons. They compete in the Northeast-10 Conference.

Does Bentley have a hockey program?

Bentley University has a competitive NCAA Division II program in almost 24 sports and a Division I hockey program. The Bentley Arena is the first standalone ice arena in the United States to achieve LEED platinum certification.

Does Bentley have a cross country team?

Bentley University has a men's cross country team that has competed in national championships and achieved rankings.

What is the Bentley women's basketball record?

The Bentley women's basketball team had an impressive 35-0 record during the 2013-2014 season and won the NCAA Division II National Championship.

Is Bentley University a private school?

Yes, Bentley University is a private institution.

Is Bentley a good school for rugby?

Bentley University has a highly successful rugby program, winning two national Division III titles, one Beast of the East tournament, and being Division II National Qualifiers. They were also Rugby Northeast Conference champions.

Bentley University is home to several noteworthy academic organizations such as the Bentley Open Market Committee, Bentley Marketing Association, TAMID, and the Bentley Real Estate Group.

Is Bentley University a good school?

Bentley University has a strong reputation, but some students have had negative experiences with certain teachers who also have poor reviews.

What is the Bentley University Panhellenic Council?

The Bentley University Panhellenic Council is an organization consisting of four national sororities on campus that work collaboratively to foster unity and ensure equitable opportunities for members. The Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE) fraternity has a rich history spanning over 100 years.

How many men's sororities are there at Bentley University?

There are two local men's organizations and no men's sororities at Bentley University. Currently, the university recognizes four women's sororities: Alpha Phi, Gamma Phi Beta, Kappa Delta, and Phi Sigma Sigma.

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